Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchens sell homes, and a well-appointed one can be the cornerstone of a successful remodel project. Make your Pinterest vision board come true while considering your budget and space constraints when planning your remodel.


Replacing cabinet doors is one of the smartest kitchen remodel ideas on a tight budget. Kitchen doors see frequent usage and wear and tear over time, so replacing them is a quick fix that will instantly bring life back into your space.

Paint can also be an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into tired cabinets, giving any space an instant facelift. Go neutral or dare something bolder; either way, new colors bring energy and vitality back into any dull environment.

Modern design aesthetics often incorporate minimalist elements, including sleek cabinetry. Flat or slab door styles work particularly well in this context as they have smooth surfaces without handles or molding that is easier to keep clean than textured surfaces. Many homeowners choose ready-to-assemble cabinets as a cost-cutting measure that simplifies DIY assembly; just follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully so as not to warp or damage your cabinets during this process.


Kitchen countertops are an integral component. Choose from various durable materials to achieve the look that best reflects you.

Laminate flooring is an inexpensive and straightforward option that’s easy to maintain, and quartz surfaces pair nicely with sleek cabinetry. Or consider switching up the look with faux stone materials that simulate marble or granite without breaking the bank.

Stainless steel countertops are an attractive, modern choice that are heat and stain-resistant, as well as developing an attractive patina with regular use.

Installing extra storage and display space is one way to make your kitchen seem larger. These homeowners installed open shelves in this cottage kitchen to show off their blue midcentury serve ware and table linens from Midcentury Modernist designer Carl Eschenbach; in addition, a custom vent hood adds the final touch for this airy layout.


Kitchens serve many functions – cooking, gathering and enjoying meals together are just three! Customizing your space with unique accents like colorful backsplashes or an eye-catching sink can add character and make the room feel more welcoming.

Flooring remodeling ideas can also contribute to creating a more functional kitchen by adding warmth and color. Heated flooring can help alleviate cold feet while being easy to maintain (just sweep and mop).

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), available in both wood look and non-wood looks, is an economical alternative that’s also water-resistant and comes in various styles and colors. DIY enthusiasts might try installing interlocking laminate flooring that snaps together easily for an easy tongue-and-groove construction; eco-friendly hardwood alternatives may require more maintenance; interlocking laminate floors offer another great budget-friendly solution! A rug can add additional pops of color and pattern into a room besides just flooring options alone!


Remodeling ideas that focus on lighting can make an incredible impactful statement about the appearance of your kitchen, with plenty of design opportunities as well as savings potential on electric costs.

Geometric lighting fixtures add a striking focal point to any kitchen, available in an array of shapes and colors to complement any design style. Choose pendant lights with geometric designs for a modern kitchen aesthetic; wall sconces featuring geometric motifs can add rustic charm.

If you love open shelving, consider installing recessed lighting behind each shelf to illuminate any artwork or ceramics that is displayed there. LED strips can also be used as backlights on backsplashes or shelves for an asymmetric look or simply saving energy bills with this green option.

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