Choosing the Perfect Headboard for Your Bed

Your headboard is a major design element in any bedroom, and one of the most important pieces in any room that will set your decor. But how do you choose the perfect headboard?

Regardless of whether the headboard is sleek, rustic or chic, it should match the ambience of you bedroom. Getting the style and material right should help you to be comfortable choosing what’s right for your space.


A headboard is the centrepiece to any bed and lends instant class and elegance. And practicality? It can double up as storage if needed, with space to stash books, TV remotes and other bedside treasures that you’d rather keep out of sight.

While a headboard adds style and interest to the room, getting the dimensions right is important. According to decorators, you should look for a headboard that’s just a bit wider than your mattress – about two inches on each side – so the headboard doesn’t look out of place in the space, but rather complements your bedroom.

You also need to think about what the headboard is made of. What kind of fabrics do you like – natural, like cotton, or something more modern and durable; something that can hold up to children and pets, perhaps, requiring stain-resistant, washable fabrics? Swatches can help you check out your fabric choice under different lighting conditions, and gauge the colour, texture and quality before making your final commitment.


Your choice of materials for your headboard may be a statement of dramatic effect on the look and feel of your bed. Some materials are more comfortable to lean against, while others make cleaning easier. You will also see various colours and styles; fabric headboards have a cosy feel that can easily match to your bedroom’s theme.

Wood headboards are another great headboard option, not surprising when you consider just how beautiful wood can look. Consider the richness of oak, the rustic beauty of pine – the list goes on and on.

And when choosing a headboard, don’t forget to consider the scale of your room and ceiling height – in tight spaces, a low and minimalist headboard can work, without adding bulk to the room.(Adapted from How to Decorate, 2021, by Margot Bouvier, copyright © 2021 by Phaidon Press Limited)


Your headboard is a focal point of your bedroom furniture, and an important style statement in your bedroom space. Choose a style that fits with your bed and the rest of your room decor and you’ll add style to your look and function in the form of extra book or other storage.

According to me, a curvy shape and decorate with flower headboard is suitable for bedroom with a feminine design. It often matches with existing decor. On the other hand, a modern head or contemporary bedroom head requires basic design with simple feature, for example, sleek head board would be a better choice.

But first, be sure that you understand all your options, including different styles such as wooden and metal; and different fabrics, all of which need a slightly different maintenance schedule – pick the one that fits with your cleaning style and needs.


Picking a headboard might seem simple but it is actually a significant investment – and should be thought through very carefully. Although the primary influence for many when selecting a headboard would be to add a touch of style and design aesthetic to a room, a headboard might also serve other uses.

Whether discussing support, comfort, insulation against the cold, or keeping a mattress free of mold and insects, the structural elements of bedheads increase the quality of sleep. Bedheads provide a platform for better sleep and comfort – not to mention – protecting your mattress from mold growth and nasty creepy-crawlies!

Whether you choose a canopy-style headboard or one that is side-panelled in a style that is reverentially imitative of French design, such as those from Maison Louis Drucker (I would opt for the rattan-caned-made-to-measure headboards in a hue of your choice), the colour is the most prominent way of giving your room its overall setting. Lighter shades make rooms feel more open, whereas darker shades make them feel more sedate. Also consider what the headboard is made of: this can sometimes make it easier to clean, especially if you have children or pets living in your home.

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