Simple DIY Projects to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Enhancing the curb appeal of your house is an effective way to add value and make it more inviting for neighbors and passersby.

There are countless simple DIY projects that can have a substantial impact on the curb appeal of your home, providing instantaneous updates that give it a brand new look.

Paint Your Front Door

Painting your front door is one of the easiest and least-expensive DIY projects you can undertake to improve the curb appeal of your home, as well as one of its most impactful elements – it serves as an introduction to potential buyers and plays an essential role in first impressions.

Paint makes an enormous impactful statement about how people view and experience your house, as well as influencing resale value. Selecting an off-putting hue may dissuade potential buyers, so choosing wisely is of vital importance!

Add a Rug

Add a rug to your front door as a quick and inexpensive way to elevate its curb appeal. Rugs instantly bring color, texture and pattern into a room while creating visual interest that speaks volumes about who you are as an individual and represents your personal style.

Anchor furniture to create a cozy environment in any given space.

Select a rug large enough to accommodate all of your entryway furniture with enough extra room left on either side for shoes.

General best practice dictates leaving 18-24″ of un-carpeted floor around your rug; however, this may differ depending on the space it occupies.

Plants and Flowers

Installing flowers and plants in your front yard can be an affordable, low-maintenance way to enhance curb appeal and add beautiful blooms that keep the space looking vibrant all year long! Not only are flowers great additions that enhance the aesthetic appeal, but also help keep it looking its best throughout the seasons!

Plants adorned with flowers make them easy to spot, while many species provide children with an engaging opportunity to study biology. Some flowers even produce nectar which bees and other animals use to drink while collecting pollen from flowers to consume later.

An artistic flower garden adds color and beauty to any landscape while covering up any imperfections such as brick discoloration, utility boxes or air conditioning units. This increases property values regardless of its size or condition.

Make a Wreath

Wreaths are an easy DIY project that can dramatically increase the curb appeal of any home. Not only are wreaths versatile in terms of decoration style, they also make a wonderful accent piece outside! Wreaths come in all forms to fit in perfectly with any style or decor theme imaginable!

A wreath is a decorative band or ring composed of leaves, flowers, twigs and other materials which is typically hung up for decoration. While wreaths are most frequently associated with Christmas decor, they can add beauty and grace to your home year-round!

A wreath is another effective way to remember those we have lost who have passed. Crafted out of flowers, fruits or even twigs it can be displayed prominently on your door as a tribute and honor their memory.

Paint the Trim

Trim painting is an easy DIY project that can dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home. However, expert assistance and sufficient supplies should be sought if undertaking such an undertaking on your own.

Prime your trim before applying a coat of paint over all surfaces. Use either water- or oil-based primer that has been mixed with the color you intend to paint it in, for optimal results.

Oil-based paints tend to dry more slowly and leave smoother surfaces with fewer brushmarks than their water-based counterparts, though both produce great finishes and require minimal cleanup afterwards.

Update Your Door Hardware

If you want to give your home an added splash of curb appeal, there are a number of simple DIY projects that will do just that without breaking the bank – one being updating door hardware.

Your front door is one of the first things people see when entering your home, which makes it all the more important that it looks good! To maintain its good appearance and keep visitors coming to visit you.

If your front door looks worn and outdated, upgrading its hardware could be just the thing to bring new life and value into your home. Plus, this project can be accomplished easily and affordably!

Add a Chair

Doing DIY home improvement projects on a budget will make a huge difference to your curb appeal, quickly improving it in no time at all.

Add a chair to your front door as a great way to make its entryway more welcoming and cozy. Find inexpensive chairs at flea markets or receive them as gifts from friends – they will add a personal touch and make for great photo ops outside your home!