The Benefits of Using a Noise Machine For Better Sleep

Noise machines are devices designed to generate constant, continuous sound that can help mask environmental and external noises that disrupt sleep.

Sounds such as birdsong can be soothing and help drown out ambient noise from partners, pets, traffic or airplanes – potentially blocking out distracting traces from outside sources like partners, pets or traffic noises.

A great sound machine should offer a range of soothing sounds to choose from, including white noise, pink noise, nature sounds and relaxing music.

1. It helps you fall asleep faster

No matter how noisy your city or neighbors may be, noise machines can help you fall asleep quicker. Their constant, soothing noise will mask other sounds that may keep you up at night while stimulating relaxation in your brain.

Make sure your noise machine offers easy volume control if you suffer from hearing loss or other conditions that make hearing high-pitched sounds challenging. This feature may prove especially valuable if they require constant adjustments during use.

If there’s one particular sound you prefer, noise machines that let you select from various sounds and tracks may help find what may be your perfect sleep sound. Experiment to find what suits you.

White noise is a consistent, low-frequency sound used to cover other sounds and reduce distractions, much like when turning off your television or radio.

2. It helps you stay asleep

No matter if it’s your partner, pet, traffic noises or airplane noise that’s keeping you up at night – using a sound machine may help block some of these external sounds so you can rest more peacefully.

White noise machines provide the simplest type of sound machine; this noise mimics that found in fans or TVs not tuned to specific stations. But there are also machines offering other broadband sounds, including pink and brown noise.

A good sound machine should provide a variety of sounds that fit with your personal sleeping preferences. While white noise might not work for everyone, others find other types of sounds can help them relax before drifting off to dreamland.

Make sure that the volume is set appropriately as too loud of a sound can disturb others in your household and interfere with sleep, leading to hearing loss and even hindering brain functions. Too loud an noise could also result in restless nights, leading to hearing damage or brain dysfunction, leading to restless nights for you as well.

3. It helps you wake up in the morning

Sound machines provide many advantages to help people sleep. From helping them fall asleep more quickly, through helping maintain restful slumber through to giving you an improved quality of restful slumber that leaves you feeling rejuvenated when waking up in the morning, they offer many advantages when used at bedtime.

Most white noise machines include a sleep timer that allows you to set an adjustable duration for their use, with some also offering apps to control them via your iPhone or Android smartphone.

For an effective noise machine, look for one with a range of sounds – white noise, pink or brown noise as well as ambient sounds such as raindrops falling and city traffic sounds or ocean waves are ideal.

Michael Nicolino, MD, the founder of Philadelphia’s Sleep Health Center advises seeking a machine with adjustable volume controls so it can face you directly and be set according to your preferences. Adjustable volume control helps select an optimal soundscape according to Nicolino.

4. It helps you relax

An effective sound machine can help you relax during the night. It may help you fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer, leading to improved restfulness.

Mask noises that keep you awake, such as loud traffic or an irritating partner. Sleep therapy may also help those suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

White noise consists of all audible frequencies to humans and is designed to create a masking effect by drowning out noise that would otherwise disturb.

Pink noise resembles white noise but with an extended spectrum of frequencies. It may feature higher pitches or lower frequencies.

If you’re searching for the ideal sound machine to help you sleep, make sure it emits multiple tones so you can find what suits you best. For example, if white noise doesn’t do the trick for you, consider pink or brown noise as other solutions.