Different Types of Pillows and Which One is Best For You

Your pillow choice can have a major impact on your restful slumber. To provide adequate neck support and avoid straining it during sleep, the ideal pillow needs to provide essential neck relief and provide support so your neck does not ache during restful slumber.

Consider what material your pillow is made from and whether or not you can easily clean it.

There are various kinds of pillows on the market today, such as memory foam, down alternative, polyester fill, latex and wool options.


If you suffer from neck pain and want a pillow that conforms perfectly to your head and neck, feather pillows might be your answer. But due to their tendency for flattening out over time, it might be beneficial to look for one with additional filling such as memory foam at its base instead.

For optimal softness and loft, the best feather pillows combine feathers with down. Make sure that you purchase a cover which completely encases the feather fill, so any quills don’t poke through.


Buckwheat pillows are specially crafted to support and align your neck, preventing airways from closing off and snoring. This helps ensure optimal comfort as well as reduce sleep apnea which has become an increasingly prevalent condition.

Buckwheat pillows can often be customized to your individual needs and sleeping position, with options to add or remove hulls to modify its shape or alter its loft.

Buckwheat hulls are naturally hypoallergenic, making them an excellent option for anyone sensitive to dust mites, pollen or other allergens. Plus they don’t absorb too much heat while sleeping!


Wool pillows offer natural temperature regulation and hypoallergenic benefits that will keep your sleeping environment cool while providing protection from dust mites and allergens that cause night sweats or rashes during sleep. They may even help prevent night sweats.

Wool pillows are extremely long-wearing, maintaining their shape more reliably than most other pillow varieties. Their resilient structure means they stretch and recover their original form more readily than cotton fabric does, providing exceptional support and shape retention.

A quality pillow can make a significant difference to how well you rest, so selecting one that meets both your firmness and height preferences will help ensure a good night’s rest.


Kapok pillows offer both comfort and eco-friendliness in one convenient package. Crafted from soft fibers harvested from the seed pods of kapok trees, these eco-friendly options are naturally hypoallergenic.

Vegan friendly and chemical free, this soft toy can also be easily stuffed and enclosed using various materials such as cotton.

Natural cotton fiber cradles the body while also increasing airflow for maximum cooling during sleep, making it perfect for hot sleepers. Cotton also feels light and airy – hence why it is often called silk-cotton!


Microbeads have quickly become one of the go-to choices for pillow lovers, offering a soft yet light feeling which absorbs body heat to provide relief and offer restful restful nights’ rest.

Memory foam offers great support, especially to those suffering from neck pain or recovering from surgery, yet doesn’t adjust as quickly or can be less suitable for travelers who frequently change head positions while sleeping.

The ideal microbead pillows should contain enough beads for optimal support, yet still be firm enough to prevent deflation and ensure the pillow doesn’t flatten over time.


The top water pillows feature adjustable support to conform to the unique shape of your head. This helps minimize neck pain while encouraging restful night’s rest.

As opposed to memory foam or other pillow options, they don’t lose their firmness over time and allow you to use them for extended periods without fear of them coming apart at the seams.

Water pillows are also lightweight and simple to adjust – simply add or subtract water as necessary to find your ideal level of softness or firmness.