Revitalizing Your Interior Spaces With Painting Cabinets and Furniture

Revamping your living spaces can be an enjoyable and cost-effective way to bring new life into your home. Rearranging furniture or painting cabinets are both effective strategies for revitalising a space.

When choosing the color of your cabinets, take note of all other hard surfaces which won’t change with time – such as your backsplash and walls – to ensure they provide enough contrast with them.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Waiting for paint to dry provides an opportunity to rearrange furniture. Giving an antique dresser or side table a makeover will add visual interest in any room while also helping refocus your space – taking out items that obscure natural lighting, for instance, and moving those pieces somewhere peaceful for restorative moments.

Firstly, ensure the surface is free from grease or dust before beginning your cabinet door painting project. A bit of sanding may be required to roughen up existing finishes and help the primer and paint adhere better; once complete, clean away any sanding dust and allow your pieces to dry before beginning. Be sure to protect the floor using drop cloths while painting; it may also be wise to temporarily unhook hinges and handles prior to painting as this could interfere with how they perform when reinstalled after painting is complete.


Painting can transform a room’s style and atmosphere dramatically. Light or bright colors can make spaces seem larger, while darker tones create an intimate setting. Paint can hide imperfections while making surfaces more durable; however, ensuring an even finish requires quality painting services to guarantee an even finish.

Prepare all cabinet doors and face frames for repainting by sanding them down, followed by applying stain-blocking oil-based bonding primer according to manufacturer’s directions.

Next, paint your cabinets using a foam roller for large flat areas and soft bristled brush for corners and recesses. Allow at least 24 hours for the paint to fully dry before reinstalling doors and hardware – removable interior adjustable shelves may prevent this process.

Refurbish Old Furniture

Instead of discarding an old piece of furniture to the curb or storing it for garage sales, why not refurbish it instead with new stain or paint? While this might require additional supplies and effort, refurbishment is definitely doable with proper supplies and patience.

Clean your furniture using TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) while wearing durable gloves to maximize absorption of any fresh coat of stain or paint. Furthermore, it is also important to ascertain if its current finish is latex-based; one easy way of doing this is pouring nail polish remover mixed with acetone or rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and rubbing over its surface of your furniture – if the paint rubs off easily then that indicates its latex nature.

Be sure to use an effective wood putty product to fill any holes, dents or scratches before staining your furniture in an airy area and letting it dry thoroughly before use.

Add a Touch of Style

Painting cabinets or furniture is an enjoyable way to bring color into your home. However, it’s essential that you understand what kind of surface you’re working with, and how best to prepare it before beginning. Begin by scrubbing cabinets using mild grease remover and water. Next, rinse thoroughly afterward so they dry fully.

Re-painting cabinets requires using a stain blocker if they were previously painted with oil-based paints, to protect against future staining and peeling. You can test whether it has this type of finish by dipping cotton balls or pads into denatured alcohol and gently wiping an inconspicuous area with them to see whether any paint comes off; if so, this indicates an oil based product.

To paint cabinets, use a foam roller on large flat surfaces and a soft-bristled brush for tight spaces or corners. Allow the paint to fully dry before replacing any hardware or using them.

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