How a Paint Investigation Can Transform an Elegant Historic Home

Many historic buildings contain evidence of past painting. An investigation carried out by trained specialists can help identify and document these painted surfaces.

Blending old with new can make any historic home feel inviting and modernized. Here, using current paint colors to highlight unique period features like this front hallway’s wallpaper works beautifully.

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Crown molding and decorative casing can add an elegant finish to a room, so it comes as no surprise that adding trim in vibrant hues that stand out against walls can have such a noticeable impact. Picture frame trim or chair rail trim can create the same finished look in any room! When Erika with @mrserikaward took on this project in 2021, she knew she had to strike a balance between maintaining its character while making it fit modern living needs – something she did effortlessly by making smart paint decisions!


Built-ins are an effective way to add modernity and character to a historic home, providing built-ins are painted a hue appropriate to their period instead of standing out like an afterthought.

Painting a built-in to match its wall color can be straightforward, especially since paint companies offer collections tailored specifically for certain periods. Beadboard looks farmhouse rustic while darker wood tones evoke images of an elegant library. Crown molding and baseboards flowing around its edges further improve its appearance and help it blend more easily into its environment; awkward or cramped areas also work for built-ins as long as their design is thoughtful.

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